22 Best Work at Home Jobs

We live in strange times but also amazing times where we have the freedom to not have to wake up to a stupid alarm clock every single day. 

In this blog post, I’m gonna talk about the best work-at-home jobs this year so that you can get your online income started from the comfort of your home, from the comfort of an air B&B, or wherever you want to work from. You can free up some time and you don’t have to travel to work and back. You can get your online career started at home. 

The point is replacing your nine-to-five job with the same income or even a six-figure income from home is more achievable than ever and highly doable.

If that’s something that interests you be sure to read the whole of this article, because I have some good ones coming up in this blog post. 

You’re gonna want to take notes because these jobs are right at your fingertips and super doable and your get started from working from home.

What is The Best Work at Home Jobs

Let’s get right into it.

1. Tax Preparer 

Tax Preparer

What is a tax preparer? It’s pretty obvious by the name of the title. It’s somebody who prepares your taxes for you every single month so that you can figure out for your personal finances or your business finances what you owe or get back in taxes.

The very high season for tax preparation and tax preparer jobs is January through April because in the United States taxes are due in the middle of April.

The median salary for this job is approximately $31,000 per year and you do have the freedom to work either in an office or from home. During high season you will most likely have to work weekends a little bit because there is that high demand of people rushing to get their taxes turned in.

The other sub-job to this that go hand in hand is if you’re a tax preparer you can probably offer

accounting services You’ll need to help people with managing their finances, counting the numbers, business expenses and even for personal expenses and it’s something that you could learn easily and do from home. 

2. Graphic Designer 

Graphic Designer

The median salary in the US is 41 thousand dollars per year and the cool thing is if you don’t know graphic design and if you want to start you can easily do it, but you do have to have somewhat of a creative and artistic eye but you could easily learn Photoshop and other graphic design tools on YouTube, and on Google.

They’re super cheap courses out there on how to use these different types of graphic design programs you can find them on platforms like Udemy where you could find courses anywhere from $10 to $50. This is super cheap to develop a monetizable skill that you could easily do from home.

The cool thing is you can work for clients or work for businesses in different types of industries like marketing, technology, commercial industries, research industries, and if you do need to meet with clients or other businesses you could easily do it virtually and talk on phone calls or through virtual meetings.

3. Public Relations Specialist

What is this person’s job? Their job is to protect the public reputation of their client or their business that they’re working for. They’re trying to generate publicity, and media exposure for that client or for that business.

A lot of the responsibilities of a public relations specialist could be done from home such as preparing story pitches, preparing online interviews, preparing press releases, etc.

 Another very important part of this job is knowing different social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, etc. Whatever that client or business uses you’ll have to be familiar with using that platform.

You’ll be dealing with the media, bloggers, journalists, and stuff that requires social media because the media and social media go hand in hand. The cool thing about this job is that the average median salary is approximately 51,000 dollars per year.

4. Market and Survey Researcher 

This person’s role is very important to the company because they are doing the research in the market and in the public to get feedback on products. They test out the condition of the business product. They improve the user experience.

The average salary for a market and survey researcher is about 61 thousand dollars per year. 

Some other roles can be sending out emails, developing different polls to use on Facebook. YouTube, and Instagram. Understanding what the audience needs and how that company can best provide for them through their products and services. 

The whole idea is that the researcher would bring back this information and feedback which would then help the clients or the business marketing so that they can improve and have a higher conversion rate when they sell their products and services. 

The next jobs are a little bit more entrepreneurial and have a little bit more of the business flavor and that is because if you take this route yes you could work from home and do this as a job for a company. Eventually, you can branch-off and do it as your own business and have no salary cap 

Again as I mentioned before, no limit to how much you can make online and working from home.

5. Social Media Advertiser

Social Media

I’m specifically talking about a social media advertiser who knows how to run a paid advertising for a client or a business.

What is paid advertising? Paid advertising is Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Bing ads, and YouTube ads.

It will take you a cole of months to learn this skill and run paid advertisements for businesses. Learning who to learn Facebook ads will take a little bit longer because it’s more complex, but it’s a skill that you can acquire and learn. 

A median salary or a salary that you could expect once you get good at this skill is anywhere from five grand a month to $30,000 per month. Yes, that is per month because I have friends who are in the online marketing world who have their social media marketing agencies who are making a minimum of 30 grand per month with the clients that are paying them to run Facebook Ads.

Organic traffic is great, but there comes a point where people need to scale up their products and scale up their sales hence, they need paid advertising. They need something that is predictable where they can analyze the data and improve on the traffic that is coming to their products

The other great thing is there’s a lot of startup companies that don’t have an audience, they don’t have a following on social media they don’t have an audience to advertise or get people eyeballs on their product. But what they do have is a budget to start with paid advertising and this is why it’s in such high demand.

A lot of times people do have the budget to pay you to run their paid advertisements. If you are looking for a job to do this first, I recommend a website called Jobspresso and also Themuse because these two websites are awesome websites for remote work and social media jobs for different companies.

That way you can get up and running. Get the skill to do this job from home and then later when you get comfortable you can branch-off and do it as your own business.

6. Funnel Expert

sales funnel

Now, what the hell is a funnel? A sales funnel is a step-by-step process that allows you to bring your potential customer one step closer to your offer and a buying decision through a series of marketing actions like automated emails, videos, articles, and landing pages that will do the selling for you. 

In a recent article, I talked about where to start with an online business, I talked about what is a funnel.  We talked about generating traffic for different businesses and capturing that traffic with a freebie or a lead magnet. 

The way you do that is you need to learn how to construct a funnel which is a fancy word for different web pages that help you capture leads and people that are interested in buying what you have in your business. 

A sales funnel starts with traffic and then you have your lead magnet and then you follow up with email marketing and then it’s an automatic sales process that eventually sells the potential customer that product or service.

The reason why being a funnel building expert is very lucrative is because every single business whether it’s a brick-and-mortar business or online business needs funnels.

The businesses need a simple sales funnel that can capture people’s names and their emails so that they can market to them with email marketing or even SMS texting campaigns later on.

There’s no limit to how much you can earn. I have a  digital Nomad friend who has a funnel agency who is making probably close to six figures per month.

Funnel building is a high-income skill because these funnels make businesses a lot of money. If you have a highly monetizable skill like this, you are going to be in very high demand not only with the work-from-home job but also doing it on your own as a business.

How can you learn how to do this? There’s no degree for it, you don’t go to college or anything like that, What you would do is pick a program to learn first. For my sales funnels, I use Kartra, and the team member that helps me with sales funnels uses Kartra as well. 

Kartra it’s an all-in-one business platform that has sales funnels, that has membership sites where I can build my digital courses, it has webinar integration, it has email marketing. 

Another great tool that is a little bit cheap is Builderall. Builderall is a complete online business platform and digital marketing system. It provides all the tools you will need to launch and run a successful business, ensuring you don’t need to spend time and money sourcing and purchasing numerous stand-alone products.

All these things may seem foreign to you right now but if you were to pick Kartra or Builderall to learn, it isn’t that hard to learn if you’re learning it step-by-step. These two software programs will teach you everything you need so that you can be able to use them.

You will even find done for you landing pages and email swipes to help you start your online business at home.

7. Apple Home Specialist 

apple logo

Specialist jobs are popping up more and more because big reputable companies like Apple need customer support.  People at home need people to answer customer service emails.

They need people to do chat support, they need people to do direct messaging, and everything that automates the workflow for this company and other companies like Apple. Their jobs are in very high demand.

And honestly looking at the description for some of these jobs, they do not require a high-end set of skills. 

These are jobs that a lot of people can apply for and I imagine that the great thing about working for a reputable company like Apple you get benefits as well from working from home.

If you go on Apple’s website and check out their different home specialist listings for example you can see that they’re in many different locations including Canada, the US, Australia, etc. At different times on various locations pop up.

Definitely look into becoming a home Support Specialists for either Apple or another type of reputable company because I guarantee the majority of different companies like Apple have these types of positions that are available for you to apply and work from home.

8. Ghostwriter 

remote job online

What is a ghostwriter? A ghostwriter is a writer or blogger who writes something for a client, a business, an influencer, or whoever needs something written but they do get credit for whatever they write.

For example Gary Vaynerchuk, he’s huge online, has millions of followers, and has a lot of content. I mean he’s on every single social media platform, his blogs, articles, social media posts you name it.

He doesn’t write all of that there’s no way this guy says he works 15 hours in a day and a lot of those hours is used producing content on stage or in the video. He does not physically have the time to write all of these posts and articles for his social media and that’s why a ghostwriter is so important nowadays.

People don’t have the time to write their ebooks, to create their blogs to do their copywriting for emails, and all this stuff. The ghostwriter is responsible for writing all this content especially the blog articles. This ghostwriting job is a great job that you can do, and work together with the entrepreneurs, the business owners, and the influencers.

The idea is they would give you a couple of bullet points and what they want to talk about and things to include and not to include and you would do the writing.

9. Content Re-purpose Manager.

 You might be thinking, “What the heck is that?” It is a position or a job that is in very high demand for business owners, entrepreneurs, and content creators who put their energy into creating some type of video content, imagery content, audio content, maybe a podcast, and they can only manage to create that one piece of content. 

Your job, as the content re-purposer, would be to take that content, whether it’s an audio file, and maybe you would transcribe it and make it into a blog post that they can post on their website. 

Maybe you’re working with a business or creator who has a YouTube channel, and you would take their video, help edit their video, and maybe make it into an IG, more of a shorter form video, so that you could play it on IG TV on Instagram, or you could play it and repurpose it on Facebook and maybe even create some type of post for your Facebook group. 

There’s a lot you can do as a content re-purposer, to help someone repurpose long-form content as I was talking about.

For example, you can pick a powerful quote from a YouTube video that’s a long-form of content, that is about between 10 minutes and 20 minutes and you can create a quote card with it on Canva, which is a free resource.

You can make it nice and pretty, there’s a ton of templates on Canva where you can create nice content for Pinterest, for Instagram, whatever you want to.

There’s a lot of many ways to repurpose long-form content and make that content last. By doing this you will be helping the business, the creator, or the entrepreneur, free a lot of hours and stress off of their back.

This is because they only have to produce one type of content and not come up with something for their Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, their Facebook stuff that takes a lot of effort.

Instead, one piece of content can go a long way and it could be repurposed in many different types of forms and that’s where your job comes in. 

What I would do if I was getting started in the US for example, I would go and post a job listing on Craigslist.com and I would put together an example project that you do where you repurpose content.

You wouldn’t charge the business for your first project. You would take a video or some type of content, show them what you can do to repurpose it and you would do it for free, and it’s almost guaranteed that they will continue to work with you.

The reason you are doing this for free is because, people and businesses want to see what is in for them or how will you be helping them and they also like free stuff. 

As you make your way up, you can continue to post your job services on Fiverr, upwork.com, freelancer.com, to get more traffic to your services, and of course, as your reviews go up, your hourly pay goes up.

Then as you get more and more clients you could even take your business off of those platforms and create your website so that you can get 100 percent of profit, instead of having to share a percentage of the profit with one of those websites. 

A content repurposing manager is a great new opportunity that hardly anyone is even talking about and people don’t even know that they exist, they don’t even know this is possible. It is an

excellent skill set that I would highly recommend you learn and that you can easily do from home or anywhere in the world.

10. Steady. 

And the reason it is called Steady is that it stands for a steady income from home. That’s kind of the mission and the goal of the company. This is an application that I experimented with to see if this application works.

And I know it does because when I was researching about it, I found that on average, people who are using the app are making an extra four thousand dollars per year. This is very part-time, picking up a couple of hours here and there. And they have over a million members on this application, it is very cool. 

The cool thing I like about this is you can track your income, and whether it’s a part-time, a side hustle income, you can keep track of everything on this application, how convenient is that? When you set up your profile, you will find a lot of jobs eg. food delivery.

What I love about this app is everything is in front of you and you can collectively see all the opportunities right on the application, you don’t have to go searching on many different websites.

You need to keep an eye on this new app called Steady to find new upcoming work-from-home jobs. 

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11. Voiceover.


This is another great work-at-home job. What is a voiceover? It is adding your voice to other people’s content. If you’re not somebody who likes to get in front of a camera and create content, but you’re confident with speaking, and you’re not shy to talk, you can do a professional voice-over for somebody else’s content.

That can it’s a video, maybe even a narration, a podcast, or something like that where somebody needs a voiceover. 

Even, sometimes somebody needs a narrator to read their ebooks out loud, this would be a good opportunity for you to read their books out loud and narrate their content.

If this is something you think you could do, there’s a lot of different websites and opportunities where you can do this.

If you’re looking for voice-over jobs you can go to a website called VoiceBunny, Voices123, and also Voices. I checked out these websites and they’re great websites and if those websites don’t work out, you can go to SnapRecordings and VoicesOnline. These are five different websites where you can check out voice-over opportunities. 

You can check out Fiverr and upwork.com and create a listing of voice-over narration. The average hourly pay for this job is around sixteen dollars per hour, of course, you can make a lot more than that as you have more jobs, more reviews, and more results. 

12. YouTube channel manager.


What is a YouTube channel manager? It is somebody who operates and helps the YouTube creator to manage the backend or the SEO on their YouTube channel. 

If you have a business YouTube channel, which a lot of big creators do, they can add different managers to their channel so that people can help them upload thumbnails, optimize their description, write their description, and once they write their description, they have to have somebody help them email out the video to their list.

Also, there’s on-video SEO; you create the tags for the different videos, and there are so many more things to do like titles, cards, end screens, etc. There’s an entire upload checklist when you create a YouTube video and a lot of creators don’t have time for that.

They want to just do what they’re good at and that is creating videos and then hand off the editing and the management to somebody else. This is why a YouTube channel manager is a job that is in high demand and it’s only going to become in even more high demand.

Kind of like how a project manager or a social media manager for Facebook and Instagram became popular in the past five years and no one knew about it before, that it’s the same thing with YouTube. 

With YouTube, you are now allowed to have an entire team help work on your channel, and trust me this is going to be something that is in very high demand.

And here’s the thing: if you know how to manage a YouTube channel, that also means that you know the basics of YouTube SEO or Search Engine Optimization which is a very high-income skill.

SEO is something that people don’t want to learn on their own, so if you’re somebody who knows how to manage a YouTube channel you can easily learn how to do YouTube SEO and make your skill set more valuable and get paid more and more as you get more clients and more YouTube creators that you’ve done really good work for. 

As an hourly rate, it’s really hard to put a number on it because it is such a new job but I wouldn’t be surprised if you could make up to $100 per hour or more. 

You have to be very careful with what you’re doing because it’s SEO, you’re working with people’s titles, you can’t mess up on a youtube title, that could affect the optimization of the entire video. 

This is definitely a job where you can charge a lot more for, maybe lower in the beginning, but again, as you get better you can raise your hourly rate a lot easier. 

13. Virtual Recruiter.

Virtual hiring recruiter is another best work-at-home job. Now, normally in the corporate world, you do need a degree and all these certifications and stuff so that you could be a professional in the HR department, however with this position for different online businesses it is not that strict. 

You don’t need qualifications and a degree and all that. What a virtual hiring recruiter does is they help different businesses hire people, create postings, create the job listings of the positions that they need in their business that the companies do not have time to do but they need to hire somebody.

If a small business is looking looking for somebody to hire and they want to get a high-quality person, it becomes very hard for them to spend an entire week all day, every day, posting a job, writing up the description, figuring out exactly who they want, interviewing people, getting people’s experience and stuff like that. 

To avoid all these they want to hire a hiring manager to do this for them because it is something that takes a lot of time but it is very, very important to the growth of a business.

From the research that I’ve done on Fiverr and UpWork of people that are hiring and also offering jobs, you can make anywhere from fifteen to thirty dollars an hour of being a virtual hiring recruiter. 

As a recruiter, you would need to come up with creative ways to find different people to work for the team. You could even go into Facebook groups and see what different types of people are talking about the business that you’re hiring for. 

You could even go to different areas where college students are looking for work and they have specialties, for example, if the business is hiring a graphic designer you could reach out to college students to see who is looking for an internship at that business.

It is just finding the best person for the team of the business who’s looking for that person, but also making sure that the person getting hired is well qualified for the job. 

14. Blogging. 


Creating your blog and website is extremely powerful because once you do the keyword research and the SEO and rank on Google, it is the most powerful thing ever in the blogging world.

The beauty of having a YouTube channel is you don’t have to have millions of traffic to make a lot of money. There’s a lot of small blogs/websites that have hit the seven-figure mark, because they know how to monetize their blogs correctly and to offer their products and services.

The great thing about blogging is you can sell multiple different things on the blog. And on top of that, you can get monetized with Google AdSense or other premium ad networks.

If you want to start a blog as a side hustle work-at-home job, I highly recommend it because although it is slow in the beginning, your blog will sell for you. It will sell anything you want it to sell.

Whether you’re promoting affiliate offers, whether you have your products, you’re doing your coaching, whether you’re selling membership sites, whatever it is, anything you put in the link in your blog sells like hotcakes. 

And you may be thinking, Oh, I don’t know where to start. Nobody knows where to start. Nobody’s born a blogger and everyone’s confused in the beginning. I found an article that will walk you step by step on how to start your blog from scratch as a beginner.

If you’re positioned number one, for whatever niche you’re in, you can kill it with that online business you have with your blog and

15. Passion 

The next work-at-home job we’re talking about here is turning your passion into a profit. If you have any type of passion: golfer, cooking, doing makeup, whatever it is. I am certain that that is monetized. 

What you are going to do is you’re going to record a video of what you are going to teach, then head over to Skillshare, create an account as a teacher, create a class and then upload it to the platform. 

There are millions of people on Skillshare consuming the class content and you get paid as they consume your content.

You get paid per minute that they watch your class. There are so many different classes on Skillshare, like photography, art painting, making cold brew coffee. Anything you know how to do. Create a class and start grabbing that passive income. 

16. Leverage Websites

The next side hustle is to leverage websites that already have high traffic on them.

I think the number one thing that keeps people from not having a profitable business is the traffic. If you’re just getting 10 visitors to your website or to your product page or whatever it is, that’s going to be a problem because you won’t be able to make sales.

It won’t be a profitable business model. 

If you leverage websites that already have high traffic out there, let’s say you’re doing e-commerce and you want to sell your handmade product online. I would leverage a platform like Etsy or maybe other print-on-demand websites like Redbubble.

And another point to leveraging sites that already have major traffic is one like Amazon. On Amazon you could either be an affiliate for all the products that are on Amazon and receive a commission if somebody buys through your link or the other way around, you can sell different types of products with your Amazon store because Amazon has a lot of people shopping on it daily.

That’s the thing. If you’re trying to start making money as a side hustle online, think about websites that already have lots of traffic and how you can get some of that traffic to what you’re selling and earn sales off of that.

17. Affiliate Marketing.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the art of selling a product that is not yours. You essentially the middleman or the middle woman and you connect the buyer to the seller.

Let’s say you are a fitness trainer in the fitness niche, and you love a certain type of protein supplement from a certain company. If you have an affiliate link from that company and maybe you have a bunch of clients who want to take the same protein that you take.

You would give them your affiliate link and whoever buys that supplement product, then you get the commission for it. It’s a win for the company and It’s also a win for you because you get paid and a win for the customer because they are happy using the supplement.

I’m no stranger to affiliate marketing myself. I’ve marketed things from Amazon. I’ve marketed different digital products. I’ve marketed different business tools. I’ve marketed different high ticket products, and I’ve made over six figures doing it. It’s really fun.

The cool thing about affiliate marketing, it is a business and a side hustle that can be scaled on it’s own because you can create a sales funnel for whatever product you’re promoting and increase the conversion rate of people that come to your affiliate link.

Affiliate marketing has allowed me to be free. It’s allowed me to have freedom in my life to be location independent, to not have a boss and not have to go back to my nine to five, to make multiple six figures without having to spend a dime on paid advertising. 

If you’re curious about how I built my multiple six-figure businesses from scratch using affiliate marketing, you can check out the first link down below and download my Affiliate Marketing ebook.

18. Marketplaces

The next side hustle that you can do is take advantage of local marketplaces. This could be anything from the Facebook marketplace and selling things in your community or where you live on Facebook marketplace.

Don’t underestimate this because Facebook has traffic of several billion. What’s cool is you can create a post on there and buyers that are looking for that product can come to your posting and they can buy it right from there.

If you were to buy products at wholesale price and sell them on Amazon. That is cool because you’re getting the product for a very inexpensive price and then you can inflate the price.

The thing that’s cool about Amazon is it has traffic and people are going there to searching for things that they want to buy. This is also a good thing because people are already willing to buy.

You can find out a trending type of product that is very popular in your city, wherever you are, and sell it and leverage places like the Facebook marketplace and online marketplace in your country.

19. Drone Business. 


These are very popular and in very high demand. Once you learn how to navigate a drone and learn how to fly it, it could be very profitable because you can charge your customers per battery or per flight.

You can charge quite a bit for one battery. The better you get in the better well known you get in the more clients you get overtime. Many people need video marketing.

A lot of people are needing drone footage to show lifestyle, to show weddings, to show real estate, and to show anything you can show from an aerial point of view.

20. Chatbot Developer.


Chatbot development is another side hustle, which is fun. You can learn how to use websites like ManyChat to create chatbots that could be used on a business Facebook fan page and build that business some flows or sequences for their Facebook fan page.

This is important to the business because when people message their Facebook fan page, it goes automatically to a couple of different sequences or an automatic menu that is served by a chatbot.

This is getting increasingly popular because the messenger bot is very good. For example, when you message somebody with a bot and they open it on messenger, the open rate is way higher, 70 to 80% versus, 15 to 20% on an email blast.

If you learn how to do messenger bottling and can do it for different solopreneurs, and different businesses, you can get paid quite a bit of money.

It doesn’t take that long to learn and to get a feel of the type of flows you can build with Manychat and other types of messenger bot services.

21. YouTube ads Strategist.

YouTube is becoming one of the most powerful traffic on earth organically, and also paid. YouTube ads are kind of on sale right now.

They’re much more effective as compared to other sources of paid advertising and the market is a lot less saturated. Many more business owners are looking for people to help them run in-stream ads, discovery ads suggested video ads.

If you want to learn how to do paid ads, start with YouTube. That is by far the traffic source that is in the most demand right now. If you look at big names like Coca-Cola, Nike, all of these big-name brands are on YouTube for a reason.

22. Homemade Masks.

Homemade Masks

The next side hustle that you could take advantage of for now and the foreseeable future is to create homemade masks. It’s insane because I do know a girl who has an Etsy store who created mass back when the pandemic started and she had a surge of sales. During that time, I think she made $10,000 a month in profit just from selling those masks.

And her sales are still very, very steady. This is the whole idea of leveraging websites that already have traffic on them is because when she put her very cute homemade masks on them with different designs, different images, and different colors, they sold fast.

I don’t think the Coronavirus is going anywhere anytime soon. I don’t think public places like grocery stores, airports, and, gyms, will still require you to wear a face mask. Face masks may be one of the products that are going to be in high demand for a very long time.

Alright, I hope you got some value from this article. Please share on social media, and if you got value from this article, I know for a fact you are going to enjoy this article, where I talk more about high-paying jobs that you can learn and do from home.

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