Relaxing Way To Make (50k) PASSIVE INCOME for free

I know how much we all love to sit relax by the beach listening to the waves of the ocean or even listening to some nice music after a hard day at work.

But did you know that you can make passive income and earn several thousands of dollars daily with relaxation?

How to make passive income at home

In this blog post, I will show you how to make money online with little to no skills. On top of this, this method will only take you 30 minutes a day to maintain. plus it doesn’t matter where you are around the world you can do this.

If you are looking to start an online business that can make you passive income, multiple times, make sure you read this entire article.

I will give you all the free tools you need to get started.

I want you to take a look at this: 

Relaxing White Noise

Imagine making this much passive income continuously with one of the easiest ways to make money online.

This is very simple, anything from a couple of hundred dollars to thousands of dollars every single day. This is possible for anyone.

And on this post today I want to show you exactly how you can get this much money without ever showing your face. With never having to create any videos yourself.

Stick with me for a couple of seconds because I’m going to give you so much value on this post that is going to enable you to get started straight after reading this.

You don’t need any more than 30 minutes to start.

Take a look at this channel over here called relaxing white noise:

Relaxing White Noise

I want to show you how this youtube channel can put up very simple videos. I’ll show you where you can get the content right now.

This channel makes videos that help you relax and fall asleep fast. For example relaxing sound of thunder and rain, ceiling noise for studying or sleeping, etc.

People love listening to this relaxing type of sound that helps them go to sleep, helps them relax.

This channel posts about one to two videos a week which takes less than 30 minutes to create and I’ll show you exactly how you can do this.

The good thing is that this channel is monetized. This is one of the best ways to start making passive income on youtube.

Let me show you how you can do this and get monetized.

The first thing that you need to do to create any one of these types of videos is you need to go over to youtube and you need to create a youtube channel for yourself which is not that difficult.

Just take a look at a lot of different tutorials online. Once you’ve done that you want to start putting up some content. To do that you need to get some sound, just like this channel has created a video with the rain and thunder. 

You need to get this sound, where are you going to get royalty-free sound?  Head over to this site called orange free sounds:


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You can download a lot of sound effects on this site absolutely for free so that you can start this strategy. All you need to do click on to search and type in a thunderstorm for example and hit the search button. 

Then it’s going to find all the different thunderstorm sound effects that you can download directly onto your computer.

Click on these sounds and listen to the different sound effects. Choose the one that you want to click on it and from there click on free download mp3.

This is now going to download this file onto your computer in a zipped file. Right-click onto that and click on to extract all. it’s going to separate all the files. Once all the files are extracted you will have your mp3 file in that folder. 

This sound is ready to be uploaded into any video editing software and I’ll show you one that you can get for free.

From there you need to get some videos or images of different types of thunderstorms so you can put all this together.

once you put all this together and you start putting up this content you get monetized by youtube you can then start to make passive income again and again.

I’ll also give you another pro-tip at the end of this how you’re going to double down and make even more money online. 

From there go to a site called because we need images to put all this together. 

Type in a thunderstorm, you can also type in rain it’s up to you. You will see all the different videos and images of a thunderstorm, click on the videos.

You will find different thunderstorm videos, rain videos and basically, all you need to do is take five or six different videos because we’re going to loop them.

Click on the video and then click on free download. Once you do that it’s going to start downloading onto your computer.

Then search for something like rain as an example and download a few videos.

Now some of these will have their sound and some of them won’t. You can either choose to use these sounds or not. All you have to do is unlink the video from the sound in the video editing software, delete that sound and upload the mp3 file that you downloaded from orange free sounds.

If you don’t have video editing software you can download shotcut or openshot. These are the best video editing software and are easy to use. You can search for a few tutorials on Youtube on how to use these softwares. 

Once you have installed your video editing software, open it and click on import media. Import all the files you have downloaded.

Sometimes the files you downloaded are not the exact size of a 1920×1080 ratio the recommended size for youtube videos. All you need is to scale those images.

Drag the thunderstorm sound to the timeline and keep repeating the process until you get at least ten hours of the video. Stretch the image to fit the sound.

By doing this it is now going to continue to overlap again and again and this is how you create a relaxing sound.

The relaxing sound that people love to use while studying or while asleep. 

Now a pro tip that I want to give you is, if you want to avoid people from copying you need to add a logo to your videos.

Go to a site like this called free logo designs and type in say your logo name or your business name or youtube channel name you can choose business consulting or whatever option they give.

Then from there scroll down and choose one of the different images. 

Click on the image you want and you will be taken to a page where you create your logo. You can play around with it you can even change it and then save this logo when done.

Click free download to download your logo to your email address and then log in to your email address and download it to your computer.

Go back to your editing software and click the import file key to import your logo and put it in one of the corners so that no one can take your video. Stretch your logo to fit the entire video.

This is a fantastic way that you can do this to brand your videos and no one takes it.

Another tip that will help you in monetizing your content is to create your intro. Adding intros and outros to these videos will help you avoid copyright on YouTube.

To create your intro go to a site called placeit or panzoid. It is effortless to use these sites, and you don’t need any skills.

The intro is laced just before the video starts to introduce your video. What this does is makes it your original content.

You’re creating a point of difference, and you stand a perfect chance to get your videos monetized by youtube so you can make passive income and continue to make money on this platform.

I want to give you some more value right so that you can hit the ground running.

When you go to a channel like relaxing white noise or simply the successful channels, click on videos and then click on to sort by and go to the most popular ones.

YouTube is going to show you all the different videos that people have made that have done well, and you know that people are listening to these relaxing sounds.

Take some inspiration and not copying everything. Replicate these videos and make sure to change the titles a little bit but use a very similar title then from there take a look at what tags they’re using.

If you want to know the exact tags the channel is using and you want to use similar tags download a software called vidiq or Tubebuddy these are free but there is a paid version but you will get out of trouble with the free version.

Once you start and once you start making money then you can look at upgrading your services so that you can continue to use this and have a lot more options that you can make even more money online.

When it comes to creating thumbnails it is a straightforward process. Go to pixels and you type in rain or thunderstorm, go to photos and download an image that you want to use.

Then you upload it directly to YouTube if you want to custom fit, if you want to add text to it you can go to a free software called canva that you can use to get started with and create a beautiful thumbnail.


Before you go no YouTube video should be complete without getting some affiliate links in there to products. This will make you even more money online.

Head over to a site like Digistore24 or Clickbank or whatever affiliate network is available in your country.


Find a digital product to do with meditation. Digital products are easy to promote and they have a high conversion rate. 

When tens of millions of people are watching these relaxation videos you can very easily promote a product like this.

Get your affiliate link and you can paste this link inside the description of your video and then you can start to crush it. One sale a day guys can earn you an extra 60 dollars in your pocket which you wouldn’t have had if you didn’t put your affiliate link inside the description of your video.

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This is an awesome way that you can make passive income on youtube. If you find this post valuable please consider sharing it.

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