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In this blog post, I want to teach you how to make money online absolutely for free without needing a website. You don’t need any skills, you don’t need any social media following, you never need to be in front of a camera and you don’t need any money to get started. 

This is worldwide and it’s beginner-friendly.

If you want to start to make money online this year with the concept that is very very simple and you can start to make some really good money online with a brand new strategy.

Make sure you read this entire article because I’ll show you everything you need to do step by step.

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How to Make Money Online For FREE

Today I want to show you how to use a site called LinkedIn to make money online. 

Now you don’t need to have any followers on this, you’re not going to be messaging anyone and you’re not going to be contacting anyone.

LinkedIn is a professional networking site of career-minded people that are always looking for opportunities to better themselves.

They come on here to do a lot of research on jobs and opportunities and I want to show you how you can bring some of these opportunities to them.

If you don’t have a Linkedin account just go to LinkedIn and sign up and create your own profile absolutely for free and I’ve got one of these accounts.

I will be showing you two ways that you can make money online.

Linkedin is one of them, then I’m going to show you how you can copy what you’ve done on this site and paste it on another site and make even more money. 

Just to show you the power of LinkedIn, if you go to a site called similar web you will see that this site gets over one billion visitors every single month.

This is a powerful website with a lot of opportunities.

What can you do with LinkedIn?

Well, you can upload photos and you can even upload a video. You can create events a lot of people run events if they’re looking to promote something that’s brand new or if they’re looking to launch a product.

The other thing they have is called ‘write articles’, now a lot of people write articles on LinkedIn and they can put hashtags on them. This will help people who are looking for certain products. LinkedIn will also promote your article if it’s getting some good traction as well.

What you have to do is create an article. 

You don’t need to write this article yourself. I will show you how you can do this the easiest way possible.

I want to show you an example of some people that are doing this and that is making really good money online.

If you typed in ‘affiliate marketing’ in the search section and when you scroll down you can see that there’s a lot of people that are putting up articles and posts on affiliate marketing:


If you type in ‘make money online’ again if you scroll down you’re going to find a lot of people that are writing articles and that are putting up different posts and different videos.


All this good stuff creating a lot of good value that people are watching and clicking on, commenting, etc.

These people are getting a lot of sales on this site.

once you have opened up some of these articles you will notice they are very small and they got links in them. When you click on one of these links it’s going to take you over to a product that the person is promoting. Some links will also take you to a blog that the person got a ton of affiliate links as well.

You don’t have to worry if put a long link because LinkedIn will automatically shorten that link. This is what I love about LinkedIn.

What you are going to do is promote a product and also create an email marketing list for yourself. I’ll show you how to do all this so that you can hit the ground running and really make some good money online this year.

How are you going to create these articles?

Let’s say that we wanted to create a very simple article on affiliate marketing “how to make money with affiliate marketing” or “how to start affiliate marketing” for example.

What I would recommend that you do if you don’t know how to write an article or you’ve never had experience writing articles you can go to sites called Fiverr and hire a freelancer to write a professional article or go to one of the free plr sites.


I plr sites you can get free articles that you can use.

You will find a lot of different categories like affiliate marketing, entrepreneurship, email marketing, you can also find work from home articles. It is up to you to choose the best category. 

Let us say you chose affiliate marketing you will have to download one of these articles. Copy it and paste it into your linked account.

After you have successfully pasted the article scroll down and ut your hashtags like #affiliate marketing for example #make money online. 

Once this process is finished you are going to add some affiliate links inside your article.

You can put something like “learn here” or you can say something like “click here and get started with affiliate marketing” as your anchor text.

Anchor text is where you’re going to put your link.

I would recommend you paste your link after the first paragraph because people would read that.

You can also put it at the end and write something like “don’t forget to click on this link if you want to learn how to start affiliate marketing.” 

I’m going also to show you where you can copy this entire article and make even more money online.

What you need now is an affiliate product. You can go to a site called Clickbank. This is one of the biggest affiliate networks in the world, where you can go and find different affiliate products to promote.

With this system you can use Warrior plus, you can use Digistore24 and you can use Suresale. You can use all these different networks if Clickbank isn’t available in your country. 


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Sign up on one of these sites to start promoting their products.

You can promote a whole range of things. You can do affiliate marketing, you can do make money online.

Find a product that you can promote that a lot of affiliates are having good success with.

The best products to promote are those with the reoccurring commission. This means when someone signs up you’re going to continue to get paid over and over again.

Product with a trial period may be 14 days also perform well. It is also an awesome way to get people to sign up.

Grab your affiliate link that you are going to use to create a very very simple landing page.

If you want you can use this direct link and paste it directly to your LinkedIn article.

However, this is not the best way to promote affiliate products. 

The way I recommend is creating a landing page. Head over to a site called Mailerlite to create this awesome landing page.


Mailerlite is an awesome site where you can go to start collecting leads absolutely for free up to your first 1000 leads and the best part about this as well is guys you can also create unlimited landing pages and forms.

You can send out different emails to these people when you have 100 to 200 signups.

You can start to promote even more things to these people just by sending out an email of another product that you find on your affiliate site.

Go to mailerlite and sign up, once you are on the dashboard click on “Sites” and then click on “Create a landing page”, name your page and click on “Save and Continue”, choose your group and save.

You will see all the pre-built landing pages for you, choose one and edit. Type the name of your affiliate product as the heading.

Then write a small paragraph for example: “once you click on this link you’re going to have access to an awesome training that’s going to teach you everything that you need to know about affiliate marketing”. Just write a small paragraph to describe your product.

Where he says “subscribe” you can just change this and say “click to access” and this is where you’re going to paste the affiliate link.

When people land on this page they’re going to enter their email address and you’re going to capture that email address on the Mailerlite account.

Once a person enters their email address they are going to be taken to your offer where they can sign up.

If they decide not to buy, you got their email and you can then retarget them to other offers and make money through other means. You will keep sending them emails whenever you want and make sure not to spam their inbox. That’s how you do email marketing.

Once you have successfully created the landing page, click on “Save and publish”. You are going to be taken to a page where you will find your landing page URL. 

On this page, you can add a page title and a page description. You can also enter your Google Analytics account number to enable Google Analytics on your landing page and a Facebook pixel to track your Facebook campaigns to see how they’re doing and what works best. When this step is completed copy your landing page URL and click on “Save and Continue” at the bottom. 

Take this link from your Mailerlite account and paste that link inside your article on LinkedIn.

Everything is now complete including all the hashtags click on publish now.

Anybody that finds and reads this article and makes a purchase you make a commission.

But how do you double down and make even more money? This is what I want to show you.

Once you have this article all you need to do is to copy the entire article including your links.Head over to a site called a question and answer site.

Now I’m not going to tell you to answer any questions and I’m not going to tell you to go and post any questions.

What you need to do is post everything you copied from LinkedIn by using what we call quora spaces.


The reason you should post on quora is that quora also gets a ton of views, we’re talking about hundreds of millions of views every single month.

Quora space is like a facebook group but with quora, once you post anything in the space those people following it will get notified that you’ve posted.

You need to provide value with your posts and what you can do to provide even more value is quite simple, just go to google for example: type in “the best way to start affiliate marketing” look at all those different sites and then you can rewrite these articles. Make sure you don’t copy.

If you write a high-quality post you’re going to start to get a lot of clicks and this will increase the number of leads.

Then you can re-target them with more offers from affiliate networks.

Recurring commissions means when the month starts you start to make money online again because what happens is everybody that you’ve signed up is going to pay on a monthly basis.

You’re not starting the month from zero you’re starting the month with a recurring payment.

This is super powerful, on top of you being able to retarget using Mailerlite, you are going to build your online business very very quickly.

This is one of the best ways to make money online this year and you can get started today for free.

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