How To Start A Business From Home In 7 Days

In today’s post, we’re going to be talking about how to start a business from home in one week. Let me make this clear I’m not saying you’re in to be making six figures or even making any profit at all in one week.

These are things that you must consider when starting an online business, but this blueprint will get you off the ground and running and will make you consider all the foundation to starting your online business the correct way and what I wish somebody would have told me at the beginning of my online journey.

A quick note I believe that everyone should have an online business. I know that sounds kind of weird but I do think it’s a smart thing for everybody to have an online business even if you have a job or maybe even if you have a brick-and-mortar business.

I believe that online businesses are the way of the future and I think it’s a great idea to have something to fall back on. Remember when our parents used to say “Oh get your degree so you have something to fall back on”.

I love the idea of building your online business that you have something to fall back on. For example: if you get sick or if you are a woman and you want to take maternity leave, you can have your online business at home instead of having to ask for time off with your boss.

Anyways there’s a ton of advantages to online business but let’s go ahead and get started with day number one.

Start A Business From Home

Day 1. Evaluating Different Business Models

Business Models

There’s a ton of different types of online business models out there. For example, You have e-commerce building an online store, affiliate marketing, coaching and consulting, building digital courses, and the list is endless of things you can do online.

You need to evaluate what suits you the best and what most interests you. You want to go through and evaluate which business model resonates with you and then also make a list of the pros and cons of all the business models.

The next thing I want you to do on day 1 is to make a list of the abilities you have, things you know things you’re good at, things that people consider you an expert at, and things that people ask you regularly.

The point is what are people always asking you how to do. Maybe you’re a good golfer. you may be good at cooking, maybe you’re good at writing, maybe you’re good at public speaking, whatever it is. Think about the abilities you have and write those things down.

One last thing you’ll want to do on day one is thinking about your interest. Now you know this online business is convenient and it has many advantages.

But if you don’t have an interest for example, if you’re just creating a Shopify store just to do print on demand, throw some designs on a shirt and curtains and just sell them it’s not bringing you passion or interest, that business model it is not going to last long. I promise you.

Make sure you find a business model you like, write down the pros and cons, the abilities you have, and your interests. Try to combine the two and there you go. That is your day one and your assignment when you’re first getting started.

Day 2. Figuring Out Your Business Skills

Business Skills

Alright, we’ve made it to date number two in building your online business within one week. What skill is going to bring you income?

What I mean by this is let’s say maybe you are good with relationships or maybe you have a skill where you’re teaching people how to do financial literacy or whatever talent you have, turn that into an income-producing skill. 

It kind of goes hand-in-hand with day one, but think about what people would pay you for. This is very important because one eight-figure entrepreneur that I follow once said that if he had a gun to his head and he had to make money the next day, what would he do to make a ton of cash? He would sell his knowledge.

You can sell this knowledge in all kinds of forms; whether you’re a one-on-one coach, whether you are doing stuff in a group coach, or maybe you have a membership site.

We’ll get into that a little bit later. The idea is you want to figure out what your offer is going to be. 

For example, there’s a couple who own a bakery.  They have a YouTube channel that is all about documenting their bakery journey, how they started their bakery, how to build a  brick-and-mortar business, how to rent a space, and get the most bang for your buck when you have this bakery so that you’re not spending a fortune on your fixed cost of things.

I have no idea how to build a brick-and-mortar business but this couple does. If I were them what I would do is, I would teach other business owners or aspiring entrepreneurs who want to build their local store or business how to build a brick-and-mortar business and I would teach them from scratch. 

This is because they’re offering their high-income skill and many people would be willing to pay to learn it.

Day. 3 Branding

If you are not a graphic designer, I would suggest maybe hiring somebody from freelancing websites like Fivver. First of all, I think I’m a pretty creative person I mean I like to draw, I like creating things online, however, I’m not that great at branding. I thought I was, but I’m not.

That is why in my second year of online business I finally hired someone to outsource, rebranding myself in my brand.

In that respect, if you have a budget I would have somebody help you. A branding specialist who can help relay your messages with the colors you want to choose, the fonts, the mission, and the values that are very important at the beginning and the long-term health of your business. 

This helps with branding when you’re referring to your YouTube channel, your Instagram account, your Facebook fan pages, etc. All of your brandings need to be consistent along with these platforms.

If you try to use all the colors of the rainbow you are going to have a bad user experience for your visitors and your potential leads.

Definitely figure out what you want your branding to represent and what kind of colors your mission states and what is it that you care about. 

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Day 4. Creating a Lead Magnet

Now we’ve made it to day number four in building your home-based online business in one week and that is creating a lead magnet. 

What exactly are you going to give away for free? Are you going to create a PDF, an e-book, a free training, a free webinar, or maybe a free mini-course?

I know this may sound like a different language to you right now but trust me it is not that hard. Just some type of content. whether it’s in the form of writing or whether it’s in the form of a video which you would be willing to give away for free.

You have to have something to give away for free to build authority and trust with people who come across your brand who want to learn from you, who want to get value from you, and who eventually want to buy your products or services. This is why a lead magnet is very important.

Let’s say you want to build a free mini-course where you have a free video series giving an introduction on how to be a chef.  You would go to Fiverr and you would have somebody create a course cover.

They would package it up nicely and neatly and you would just put your videos maybe in a Dropbox document or a Google Drive or somewhere where you could easily share them. Then you can give it away.

This is how you start to build your email list. We won’t get into email marketing today but the idea is to give away something for free to collect a name and an email from your audience.

Later on, after collecting their emails, you can sell something to them in the future.

I said creating a lead magnet is essential because it helps build your authority and speaking of authority being an affiliate marketer and building an online business through affiliate marketing is probably my number one most recommended tip. I’ve helped people and students become financially independent, it six figures, and generate leads while they sleep all this with the power of affiliate marketing. They started for absolute zero. If you’re interested in a free affiliate program that I offer, where I take you hand by hand with a group of other students and show you how to establish your six-figure affiliate business. Then check this one out below.

Day 5. Legal Stuff

Legal Stuff

Coming in at day number five for building your online business from home in a week and that is legal stuff. This one kind of makes people uncomfortable because they don’t want to deal with that.

But I highly suggest dealing with it now than later. I made a huge mistake for example of not doing accounting in the first year of my online business. It was the worst mistake I ever made.

I recommend using QuickBooks or I personally still use Mint which’s for personal financing but it works fine for business because it allows you to break down categories into different business levels.

You can create different categories of expenses. For me, I break down my stuff into business marketing, employees, business tools, and business travel.

Make sure you find an application where you’re able to start accounting and keeping track of what you spend on the business. 

I also wanted to mention business entities. I think you should get a business entity, but is not a must.

For example:  get a single-member LLC in the United States. Once you get that you’ll be able to get a business bank account and you want to get this business bank account so that you can get things like stripe you can get a business PayPal that you can receive payments for the things that you’re selling online.

Whether you’re selling your services, or your digital products you’ll need to have these merchant accounts, and to have these merchant accounts you need a business bank account. 

Remember I said that a business bank account is not a must.

Day 6. Social Media

Social Media

We’ve made it to day 6 in building your own online business from home within a week and that is to pick one social media platform to dominate. 

Why do I say one?

It is because a lot of people start a bunch of things, they start a Facebook fan page, they start Instagram, they start a Pinterest, they play around with Facebook Ads, they start a YouTube channel and don’t follow through with it.

It is very bad in the beginning to be mediocre at all of these things. You want to dominate one social media platform. One that is your favorite because that is going to be not only your first source of traffic, but it’ll be your first source of organic traffic.

More than likely it’ll be your next source of paid traffic because eventually when you start to get profitable you’ll be able to pay advertisers. 

For example, I’m going to say YouTube because I love YouTube. When you get organic traffic from YouTube, you will get highly dedicated leads. You will start to build Authority and Trust and eventually your evergreen sales machine on YouTube.

When people see your YouTube videos and start to get educated they will start to develop a relationship with you and trust you on the camera. YouTube is one of the best ways to get leads. 

Once you consider which social media platform you want to dominate, you want to think the following things: sales funnels, what sales funnel builders are, you going to need a website, and also email marketing.

You have to start collecting leads. This should be the first thing you start doing with your blog. Collecting leads right off the bat because your email list is the property that you own.

You don’t own your followers on Instagram, neither do you own your subscribers on YouTube. Either one of these can take all of your followers in a flash. It could happen so that is why it is very important to build that list.

You want to consider which sales funnel builder, email marketing platform, and website builder you want to use.

You can use Kartra for membership sites which means hosting your digital courses, for email marketing and sales funnel. Those three things are in Kartra because Kartra is an all-in-one business platform that offers all of them. You can try it for one dollar or two weeks.

Day 7. Family and Friends

Family and Friends

Day number 7 in starting your online business from home and that is to get the word out to family and friends. I know this sounds kinda dumb and maybe this doesn’t sound very business.

But I am serious, tell your friends and family and people on social media that you are starting this business in this brand to hold yourself accountable.

Once you announce it to your friends and family it puts on this sense of pressure and this sense of accountability.

Basically, it is going to motivate you and pump you up. Don’t underestimate the importance of telling your friends and family.

The social pressure and from family and friends is going to help you stay focused and not quit in your journey to building this online business.

I hope you got some massive value from this article and please remember to share.

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